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The winter days are gone and you have spring and then summer upon you. Leaving your doors and windows wide open to welcome the wonderful season into your home will be very tempting, but unfortunately the bugs and insects will come in too. So the ideal solution is to install screen doors that help to keep away bugs but welcome in the cool air. Screen-doors are that extra door that is installed either in front of or behind the wooden or metal main doors to prevent unwanted elements.

These days most homes in the US use screens for their patios where they can conveniently entertain guests without any worry of unwanted insects and creepy crawlies entering in.

Installing screen doors have many benefits. The first point is that they are cheap in the long run, and most of those who have installed them in their homes are happy and have no cause for complaints.

There are many kinds of screens and they come in various materials like aluminum, steel, fiberglass, wood etc. Their prices range from $75-$500 depending on its construction. The strides in technology have influenced the screen doors too, with varieties like retractable doors, sliding doors, and even electrically operated ones that functions on remote control. And some of them can even be conveniently rolled into a tube and hidden behind the main doors when not in use, making them more attractive both for interiors and outdoors.

You will even find doors that prevent the harsh rays of the sun from entering the home. The retractable screens also come in weather proof material so that they can withstand any climatic changes.

Some of the best doors come from manufacturers like Larson Doors and Andersen. The Andersen screen doors known as EMCO doors have in built screens, so it does not require constant changing of screens or glasses with the changes in weather. There are many other companies also manufacturing them you can have your pick even from the hundreds of online stores. So if you are serious about getting yourself a screen-door get on to the internet and search for doors that will suit your home and your pocket.

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