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A house is incomplete with doors and windows and whether you agree or not, these are the two main culprits when it comes to burglary. The burglars either break into a house through a door or a window. Installing locks on doors and windows is a procedure done by almost everyone at home, yet there are cases of home burglaries. So, it is important to burglar proof doors and windows at home for proper security. Now, if you are thinking about how to burglar proof doors and windows, you will get all the ways of doing so in this article. 

Proper Lighting

Remember that no burglar will try to enter your house in proper lighting, In other words, make sure to have a proper lighting in all your home entries. Installing motion sensitive lights at doors is a great idea to scare the burglars who try to break into your house. 

Sliding Glass Doors

In houses with sliding glass doors and windows, it is important to install locks made especially for such doors and windows. You can even make special locks for such sliding glass doors by hammering a nail in the window track when the window is closed. 

Deadbolt Locks

Another idea for those who are seeking ways of how to burglar proof doors and windows is the usage of deadbolt locks. Extending about 1″ in the doorframes, these locks provide a solid security for doors and windows. Instead of trusting chain locks, try to use deadbolt locks.

Install Peepholes

Doors will never offer an entry to burglars if you have installed peepholes in them. Peepholes in windows help you to see who is knocking at the door. In doors, where you can’t install peepholes, installing a rounded auto mirror on a window that shows the front of the door does the same trick. 

Fake Cameras

How about fooling the person who tries to enter your house for wrong intensions? You can do this by putting up fake cameras around your home. Place these fake cameras at a place that is unreachable by burglars yet visible to scare them off. 

Opaque Curtains

Don’t let anyone peep inside your home through those fancy looking tissue curtains. Instead use opaque curtains at doors and windows. Don’t leave your windows and doors un-curtained especially during dark hours, else you might be inviting a burglary.  

So, now we assume that reading this article, you are no longer pondering on how to burglar proof doors and windows.

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